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Chiropractic Therapy & Rehab Exercise Equipment

Chiropractic therapy, rehab equipment and exercise equipment. Fitness products include stretching and range of motion tools, fitness balls, balance devices and core stabilization exercise equipment.

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Learn how to reach golfers who need chiropractic help.

Invite patient attention with a chiropractic golf powerpoint marketing presentation on injury care, wellness and conditioning. A seminar at a golf club is a primary step in reaching prospective patients. A visual tool, like a slide show can aid with audience impact.

The GMP Fitness impressive Chiropractic Golf PowerPoint can help you gear up for your next patient building presentation.

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Provide your patients with access to the best possible fitness instruction.

Sport and exercise educational courses designed to assist the chiropractor and staff in prescribing exercise for the average patient population. Step-by-step exercise protocol you can put into immediate use on Monday morning. Format - home study seminar makes it affordable and convenient. Courses provide demonstrations for over 150 corrective and basic and intermediate exercises.

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Creating a Fitness & Wellness Profit Center was authored by Gina Piazza, CEO of GMP Fitness.

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